Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Dentist Is Fun!

Ok So that's a lie. It's a whopper, a real biggy, in fact it is possibly one of the biggest I've ever told. I spent 3 hours or so in the dentists chair today and it was far from fun. I'm having the front four teeth crowned (I've already had the root canal done). Obviously it needs to be done but it is a long, slow process and it's a pain in the ass, neck and gum.

Of course aside from that having your head at the height of the dentists ass when he farts is also not good. but at least it's half way over. Hopefully only two more visits and it'll be done. And the temporaries I have in at the moment are not the most comfortable. One of them is as annoying as someone poking you right between the shoulder blades for 24 hours.It's a little rough and my lip keeps catching on it.

Aside from that not much is happening. I'm lazing for the rest of the day and then I've got to print off a copy of my sales for my interview tomorrow even though I'm pretty sure it's going to be a farce. I'm not real enthused about it.


Anonymous Hertha Gearin said...

Hm, yeah, going to dentist can be a big whopper. Three hours sitting in that chair can feel pretty tense, and congrats for hanging in there. Once everything is done, your teeth will feel a whole lot better, so stay strong.

2:50 pm  

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